U.S Tech company, Ballast Lane Applications LLC, makes Berlin it’s home in Europe

Publish Date:  August 27th, 2020

U.S. Tech company, Ballast Lane Applications, LLC, makes Berlin it’s home in Europe

Boston-based Ballast Lane Applications, LLC, which designs and builds custom software applications and websites for fast scaling businesses and startups seeking to accelerate the development of digital platforms and services, has made Berlin its location of choice in Europe.

“We chose to open our doors in Berlin in 2020 because Berlin has a fascinating ecosystem with startups and fast scaling businesses which might not be very big in terms of sheer employee numbers yet but are world market leaders in their sector and strive for excellence and internationalization. We feel we can add a lot of value, as we are building a bridge between the U.S. and German markets. It is specifically attractive for German companies who want to expand into the U.S. to have us as a local business and technology partner.” says Larry Ehrhardt, CEO, Ballast Lane Applications, LLC.

Founded in 2011, Ballast Lane Applications has built up extensive expertise from UI/UX and core software development to IoT device management, voice-based interface development, machine learning, image recognition and processing and behavior change solutions. Every project is developed with their in-house team of 30 plus digital enthusiasts who work together as a team to guarantee project success. The full-service team includes talented designers, developers, project managers and testers. What unifies the team and all customers they chose to work with is the shared mission of developing first-class digital products and solutions at the highest international level.

“I have appointed Theresia Oberhaus to General Manager, Germany. She is a strategic marketer and product development specialist with more than 9 years of experience in project management, spanning the fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunication and digital marketing industries. She not only understands her home market well and works on an international level for Ballast Lane Applications” says Larry Ehrhardt.

“With its increasingly mature startup ecosystem, open attitude and a strong focus on deep tech solutions in FinTech, HealthTech, IoT, FoodTech and other fields we have lots of expertise in, it only made sense to build up our European footprint and home in Berlin,” says Theresia. “We love working with innovative minds that seek to look beyond their home market and there are lots of them in Berlin.”

With operations in Boston, Berlin and Medellin, Ballast Lane Applications is the ideal partner for companies that already operate on several continents or want to expand in those markets.

Among their international clients are companies like Reibus International (B2B marketplace for industrial steel), Logical Buildings (New York based smart building and IoT solution provider) and Katjesgreenfood (Europe’s first Food Impact Investor).

“Our plans for the future are to grow our team in Berlin and add value through our footprint, especially for customers who have a mainstay in Europe and another in North or South America or who want to build that up – we are the perfect contact for them with our understanding of the market on both sides.” says Larry Ehrhardt https://ballastlane.com/

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