Pipedrive’s Global Business from Home Office in Berlin

Publish Date:  December 30th, 2020

NY-based SaaS company, Pipedrive (founded in Estonia), recently announced a majority investment from Vista Equity Partners – making it one of the newest members in the glam club of European unicorns! Pipedrive is the first CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. The scaleup has shown steady growth due to its intuitive and easy to use CRM solution that can be quickly integrated into a company’s chosen systems.

As Pipedrive’s 4th biggest market overall with a host of strong medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and ambitious startups, Germany now receives a special focus. Michael Schrezenmaier, Chief Operating Officer, is leading the Berlin office launch for early 2021. The statement Pipedrive wants to make is clear: Pipedrive has arrived in Germany to expand its customer base and support German SMEs. Therefore, Berlin is the place to be for Pipedrive. “Berlin is full of great tech talent and a very diverse and international city,” explains Michael Schrezenmaier. “As an international tech-company which is spread worldwide and employs people from all over the globe, this is incredibly important. Diversity is a huge part of our company culture. In order for us to provide a sophisticated, modern, and highly advanced software-as-a-service, there are not many places in Europe to hire better-skilled talent that is used to the culture and style of a scale-up.”

Fortunately, Michael will soon be able to welcome more colleagues to the German capital. “So far, we have benefitted from our brand value in Germany, as well as word-of-mouth and the benefits of our product for SMEs. With Pipedrive’s strong position in Europe and the great growth potential of and in the German market, we want to build a local team dedicated to supporting only the German-speaking market and its customers,” Michael says. “In addition, we want and have to exchange ideas with the various multipliers in Germany. These include associations such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the specific industry associations; they are practically the gatekeepers to German companies. Having ties to them is essential to gain a foothold in the German business landscape.”

In 2010, in Estonia, Pipedrive’s co-founders set out to build a CRM tool that helps users visualize their sales processes
and get more done. After selling everything from newspaper ads to insurance and training tens of thousands of sales professionals for companies like Coca-Cola and Nissan, its founders knew that in sales, as in life, you can’t control your results but you can control your actions. So, they created Pipedrive around activity-based selling, a proven approach that’s all about scheduling, completing, tracking activities and visual pipelines. It has the ability to search and filter a GDPR-compliant database with over 400 million business profiles for relevant sales leads. A chatbot
available 24/7 qualifies the leads or, if necessary, puts them in direct contact with available sales staff via the live chat function. Features that support online documentation and eSignatures make the whole sales process faster and more secure, especially when working remotely.

Pipedrive, headquartered in New York City and Tallinn, Estonia, is used by over 95,000 companies in 150 countries.

Soon enough, Michael Schrezenmaier will be able to put his laptop aside and exchange ideas with colleagues over a real-life coffee: In the company’s new office space in Berlin. And Berlin welcomes Michael and thanks Pipedrive for making Berlin their location of choice in Germany!

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